NSS Government Degree College Jourian

NSS unit of Govt Degree college Jourian organized three days 22.05.2023 to 24.05.2023 activities (Nukkad Natak on solid waste management and formation of human chain that reads 'G20' in collaboration with IQAC, activities and cultural Committee, and Eco and Health club under the aegis of G20- One Earth, One Family and one Future, Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, Shikshit Bharat, Swachhta hi sewa. On day one i.e 22.05.2023 a nukkad Natak was performed by the students in the main bazaar chowk of Jourian in Solid Waste Management. On day two i.e 23.05.2023 students made a human chain that reads 'G20'. On third day i.e 24.05.2023 Students performed shramdaan by cleaning the college campus. Principal of the college encouraged the students to take part in all kinds of such activities. Dr. Rakesh Bharti (convener IQAC), Prof Naseeb Kr Bhagat (Convener Eco and Health club), Dr. Rimjhim Gupta (Convener Activities and Cultural Affairs committee), Dr. Vandana Rajput (NSS Programme officer), Dr. Sushma Kumari, Dr. Nazim wani, Prof pradeep Dubey were also part of these activities.

Cleanliness and beautification drive in the college campus conducted on 14.08.2021 by NSS volunteers.

Beautification drive in W.No. 02 Jourian conducted on 16.11.2021 by NSS volunteers.

Cleanliness drive conducted at Nud Park (Jourian) on 17/12/2021 by NSS volunteers

College has a functional National Service Scheme (NSS) unit having one Programme officer and 100 students. NSS Unit performs various activities under the guidance of NSS Programme Officer Mr. Naseeb Kumar Bhagat, Assistant Professor of EVS. Enrolment for NSS is carried at the start of the academic session as per schedule given in the institutional calendar. Students desirous of joining NSS are required to contact the programme officer. NSS volunteers are expected to put in at least 120 hours of social/community work during the academic session and also attend a minimum of one camp of 10 days to become eligible for a certificate.